Holiday in townhouse - South of France - Active - Culture

House directly on the river with beach access - newly renovated

If you love nature and the food and wine culture of the sunny south of France, our townhouse will be a paradise. And it will form an ideal starting point for many great experiences.

The house owns the spirit of the 125 years, it has existed. Built of stone at the town's main street and with views and access to nature in the backyard. You can bath in the river below the house. The house is a well-restored, well-equipped, old, two-story town house of stone.

The house

Facilities and interior equipment.

The house has a kitchen and living room with access to a balcony overlooking the river and landscape.
On the top floor there are two bedrooms with four beds and separate bath (Duche) and toilet.
The house is equipped with electric plates, oven, microwave, washing machine, TV, Internet, electric heating and wood stove. In addition ordinary service.
Towards the river, the house has a small garden and a large terrace with view. There are outdoor access to the river with bathing opportunities.



Lasalle - a typical French village 

Lasalle is a small French provincial town with approximately 1500 inhabitants. It is the center of a number of other smaller villages in the mountains.

The town has a commercial center and other facilities that can meet residents' needs. On Mondays there is the weekly market. There are cafes and restaurants, a supermarket, bakeries, butcher, well stocked kiosk with newspapers, magazines and tobacco, a greengrocer, laundry, hairdresser, health center with doctors and pharmacy, garage with petrol station.
There are three towns in a distance of about 15 km which might be exciting to visit. 

Lasalle is located on the outskirts of the Cevennes which is a mountain area of great natural beauty. As such it has acquired the status of national park. Large parts of the Cevennes are subject to rules intended to ensure the conservation of the natural heritage. Despite the dry and hot summers, the Cevennes mountains are covered with a varied and vigorous tree growth which gives the Cevennes their very distinctive green character. Along with the through-flowing rivers this provide the basis for a varied flora and fauna. The area is a paradise for hikers and cyclists.

Activities and attractions in the environs


Hiking, biking, svimming  - culture and tourist attraction

Lasalle is surrounded by rivers, which offer good and varied bathing possibilities. This also applies to the river that runs below our townhouse.
The rivers also provide good opportunities for canoeing. There are routes for amateurs as well as for more experienced (or daring).
There are two places nearby where it is possible to climb trees and balance on the line between the trees.
A visit to the caves at Trabuc is a "must". It is exciting and beautiful and a cool alternative to the midday heat.
A trip with veteran steam engine train from mountaintop to mountaintop is popular for both children and adults. Along the way it is strongly recommended to make a stop at the “Bambusseraie” which is a wellorganised and beautiful botanical park with a focus on bamboos of a great number of varieties.
For the culturally interested the Cevennes offers two attractions that you cannot meet anywhere else. One is the Musée de Désert dealing with Protestant history. Cevennes has the last 500 years
  been a Protestant-dominated area of the Calvin type, not the Protestantism we know in the  Northern Europe contries (Luther), The “churches” here are called "temples". Every little village has a temple. Catholic churches are fewer.
There is a Silk Museum in the neighboring town of Saint Hyppolite of the Fort, which is due to the fact that the region has had a great silk industry until the 1950s. In Lasalle there has been 5-10
 "Filateries" where silk thread was formed.
Throughout the summer, each village has its own special events and celebrations with petanque tournaments, shared meals, amusement park etc.